What I Learned About Easter via Facebook

  1. He is Risen. Is this grammatically correct? Should it be “has?” Is. Has. I don’t know. It’s a funny saying though. And apparently, it needs no explanation.
  2. Bunnies lay pastel colored eggs in all sorts of crazy places. Kids must find them.
  3. Speaking of pastels, Christians must wear these colors to church on Easter Sunday. No exceptions.
  4. “Happy Easter!” You don’t have to be Christian to extend this greeting to others. Non-christians seem to enjoy saying it!

And there it is. Everything you need to know about Easter captured on Facebook! It’s Facebook Theology! Somebody should trademark that.

Here’s an Easter post from one of my old, non-Christian friends:

I know not everyone cares about dogs and cars. Yet I post about them almost daily. So I’m understanding of all of the religious posts today. Happy Easter.

I appreciate my friend’s humor, and his understanding. Although, I didn’t do any of the 4 things mentioned above. What kind of Christian does that make me?

After seeing the endless stream of Easter posts yesterday, I got to thinking about Passion Week. The most important week in the life of Christ, and the most important week in the Christian faith. From Palm Sunday to Passover, from cross to resurrection. The depth and profundity of what took place during Christ’s final week is too much to capture on Facebook. I get that. But pastels, eggs, and He Is Risen graphics seem about as hollow as that crappy chocolate bunny I used to get in a fake grass-filled basket as a child.

Gosh. I sound like Easter-Scrooge, don’t I? Leave it to that Following Jesus Sucks guy to poo-poo on the Easter Bunny. Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy. Or maybe Christians do some weird things. I don’t know. I do enjoy dogs and cars, though.