What I Learned About Easter via Facebook

He is Risen. Is this grammatically correct? Should it be “has?” Is. Has. I don’t know. It’s a funny saying though. And apparently, it needs no explanation. Bunnies lay pastel colored eggs in all sorts of crazy places. Kids must find them. Speaking of pastels, Christians must wear these colors to church on Easter Sunday. No […]

How My Heathen Friend Became Christ (Part One)

I just wrapped up Hell On Wheels on Netflix. If you’re familiar with the show you’ll understand why “heathen” is tippety-tapping off my fingertips. You should also know that Heavenly Father has chosen me to be his prophet, so listen up, you sumbishes! I have this friend. We’ll call him Bob. We’ve been friends since we were […]

Get Your Sh!t Together

We live in a world where you’re supposed to have your shit together. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. If you don’t, go see a counselor, or priest, or get a new prescription. Those of us who have our shit together will put up with your lack of shit-togetherness for a while, but […]

A Maturing Addict

I started this blog in 2011, wrote inconsistently for a couple of years, then shut it down. Two years ago I was getting ready to relaunch the FJS site with a shiny new podcast. I worked in Christian radio back in the 90’s, and figured I could translate those old school broadcasting skills into something […]